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1 Diagnostic Endourology
    • Laboratory.
    • X ray unit .
    • Urodynamics.
    • Sonography.
2 Endourology
    • P.C.N.L.
    • U.R.S.
    • Flexible Ureteroscopy.
    • Flexible Cystoscopy.
3 Holmium Laser
    • Holmium Laser Enucelation of Prostate.
    • Holmium Laser VIU.
    • Holmium laser for PUJ obstruction
    • Flexible Cystoscopy.
4 Extra Corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy
5 Laparoscopy in urology
    • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
    • Laparoscopic Uretrolithotomy.
    • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy.
6 Uro-oncology
    • Prostate cancer screening.
    • Radical Prostatectomy
    • Radical Cystectomy.
    • Radical Nephrectomy.
7 Tension free Vaginal Tape for female urinary incontinence.
8 In house 24 hours pharmacy.
9 In house admission
    • we have four special AC deluxe room, two semi-special rooms and separate general ward for male and female.
10 ICU backup for post operative recovery.
Lithotripsy For Kidney Stones
KTP (Green Light) Laser for Prostate
Endoscopy Treatment for Kidney Stones
Leaser treatment for Ureteric Stones
Radical Prostatectomy for Cancer Prostate
Prostrate Disease
Urethral Disease
Penile Cancer
  Erectiles Dysfunction
  Premature Ejactulation
  Penis & Urethra
  Pediatric Urology
  Online MS / MBA
  Kidney Disease
  Ureteric Stones
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